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Rosa Arcanum
Osiris Transmutation Transmission

This activation is for both men and women and helps to release that which no longer serve us

assist you to deal with grief and anger 

purifies your physical and auric body from draining energies

helps you to accept death as part
a natural cycle

transmutes negative thought pattern 

restores faith in higher righteousness

connects you to the compassionate and generous masculine

might help you to contact with ancestors in the afterlife sphere

11 euros

Rosa Arcanum Activation

This activation is for both men and women and is directly connected with unfolding the petals of the heart centre

opens up the heart to unconditional love

activates process of forgiveness

relieves depressive states

heals traumatic wounds like betrayal and abandonment

activates a new form of delicate yet powerful firmness

reveals mysteries about passion and devotion

blesses and protects your aura from lower vibrations and emissions

22 euros

Crystal Lingam
Crystal Womb
Crystal Womb

This transmission is to serve the clearing out of the ancestral wounds of the womb descending from the maternal lineage.

stirs up the stagnant waters of the second chakra and purifies your womb

 cancels imprints of old lovers energy

activates a new flow of creativity

helps you to feel and hear the wisdom voice of your womb

connects you with Mother Earth and as well with the Central Galactic Womb

helps you to acknowledge the sacredness of your womb and sexuality

breaks down patriarchal thought patterns and opens up intuition

22 Euros

Crystal Lingam

This transmission helps men to clear out old ancestral wounds descending from the father lineage

it aligns your sexual intentions with your heart

brings you purity of thoughts regarding sex

cancels pornography patterns of “how to make love”

helps you reclaiming your masculinity as a pillar of strength and stability

cleanses out feelings of not being man enough

releases pressure of performing

helps you to own your sexuality

22 Euros

Teacher Plant Diet
Teacher Plants
online dieta

For this course you will need to take some time off from your normal activities and preferably retreat in a quiet silent space in nature.
The diet can last from a minimum of 10 days up to 1 month.

After a first skype consultation, I will prescribe you the plant you will need to take.

I will teach you how to prepare your herbal medicine as well as the preparation of your food diet.
During a 10 days dieta we will have a total of 3 skype meetings, where I will check with you how everything is proceeding. I will work energetically to open the channels for you healing and connection with the spirit world, sustain it throughout your diet and close and seal all the teachings you have received at the end of your diet.

I will also share how to prepare your purification baths and all the insights I will receive about your process.

You will be not taking Ayahuasca, San Pedro or any other entheogenic plants by yourself or participating in any ceremonies.
It is important that you follow my strict instructions to have a deeper and safe experience.

This a first hand experience to handle medicinal plants, learn to heal yourself and commune with the more subtle energies of the natural world.

After each diet, you will have to follow a post-diet of at least another 10 days with some food restriction and abstinence of sexual activity.

10 days dieta – 222 Euros

15 days dieta – 444 Euros

30 days dieta – 606 Euros

4 Elements
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