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the highest intelligence
of plant consciousness is here

to sustain human evolution


There is no doubt that in the last 20 years, plant consciousness has been the most present wave that guided a lot of people towards their process of awakening.
It seems like the world of shamanism is the new gate as it was yoga 30 or 40 years ago.

Personally, thanks to the teacher plants, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Mycelium intelligence, my life took a quantum leap. Not only in my individual inner development, but as well as aligning my path more and more with what I truly feel I came to share on this Earth.

These plants have been used in various tribal traditions for over 5000 years, with a purpose of healing and divination.The general cosmovision of the tribal curanderos or shamans (although I dont find this definition resonates with the central and south american lineages), is that if the spirit is ill, so is your body. The plants were used solely for curing the body, spirit and mind and eventually to receive insights about the harmonious living of the tribal society.

Nowadays things have shifted in a different direction. Many people look for a fast track to enlightenment and visionary or psychedelic experience, maybe missing the point, that the plants actually do hold a much more deeper message not only on a personal level itself, but for the evolving of the human collective consciousness.

They help to unlock certain channels and make you see and feel the reality around you in a much more expanded way than our limited and conditioned perspective.
They guide you to face some of your most hidden subconscious wounds and patterns.

They might give a first hand experience of your infinite divine self and definitely they can help you understand why you have developed certain physical discomforts, illnesses, or why you are attracting certain events in your life that need to be transformed in order to live a more happy and fulfilling life.

Still the desire and good will to move on, integrate and implement changes in your life is your responsibility.
It is important to underline this topic, as often in the ceremonies I hold, people come expecting miracles in a couple of sessions, while next day they just fall back in their old ways and blame the plants or even the “shaman” that things didn't work out as in their highly demanding intentions.

Lately, as I have been witnessing the growing demand of ceremonies throughout Europe, I felt that what plants were also trying to communicate to us, was to reclaim back our connection to the earth and to start living in a more organic and sustainable way in order to preserve the natural resources for the next generations.

When I travelled to the jungle I experienced for the first time the symbiosis between humans and nature.
I knew I had to come back to my roots and revive what was my ancestral medicine and herbal traditions in Europe, supporting others along the way to learn to heal themselves naturally.

Even before I knew anything about Ayahuasca, I was already studying the local plants and preparing natural cosmetics, tinctures and herbal teas.

In my early twenties, I used to have chronic cystitis, I was usually getting sick 2 or 3 times a year and had a difficult time with my digestion.

The moment I choose to stop all kind of chemical drugs and rely only on natural remedies, combined with detoxifying my body and eating more healthy, I never got cystitis again and in the last 15 years maybe I got colds and flu twice.

Nowadays I am fully aligned with bringing forth the study of all the medicinal plants for those who feel the call through offering plant diets.

What are dietas:

In the peruvian traditional way to be able to become a curandero you need to diet.
That usually involves finding a teacher that can support you in the journey of opening you up to the communication with the spirit world.
You will have to retreat in isolation in a very basic small hut in the jungle, far away from people, spending as little as one week up to 6 months or even years.
Everyday your curandero teacher will prepare you the plants you are “dieting”.
The plants are chosen accordingly if you need to heal some physical condition, if you want to learn to heal or very often these both options combine.

You will remain in silence, not use any products to wash apart from water, and most important, you will follow a very strict food diet.
The basic jungle diet will be on rice, green banana, and certain type of fish but often I prefer to offer a more highly nutritious diet with raw vegetables and grains.
There is absolutely no use of salt, spices, sugar and fruits, fats, sexual intercourse and other recreational substances.
The strictness of the diet always depends from the teacher and the plants you are taking.
During this time in isolation, your senses are starting to sharpen and you enter a kind of a dreamy state.

The frequency of the jungle, the detoxification of the body through the diet, the silence and of course the plants, open your perception so that you can start communicating with the spirit world.

Every person has its own pace of connection, and the more you try to understand and grasp all with a logical mind the more difficult will be interaction.
Plants, animals and mineral kingdom do not speak human language.

The communication happens through an intuitive, humble and telepathic vibration.
The plants that you are taking during your dieta, will start eventually to teach you how to heal most probably while you dreaming, where the veils of the physical and astral dimension become very thin.

They can tell you how to heal with your hands, with tobacco, with herbal perfumes, with angels, with other dimensional beings, with stones, and with icaros.

The icaros are a central pillar of healing during treatments and  ceremonies.
These are songs that the plants themselves pass onto you and they hold a very powerful vibration that call on different energies, depending on what is needed.

The sound vibration is directed on various levels and helps to guide the person's journey into the light.
You can learn and repeat icaros but they will sound empty and will never have the healing power if you haven't dieted rigorously in the jungle beforehand.

The way to become a good healer is long, with a lot of sacrifices, strong teachings and initiations, patience and humble commitment.

Since couple of years, I started guiding diets with european plants.
One of my most valuable allies in the last years have been medicinal herbs like basil, sage, rosemary, yarrow, st.john'wort, fennel, thyme, roses, pine tree bark, aloe vera...and many more precious plant doctors that are growing all around us, waiting to be called in service.

Even just with a short diet of 10 days with some of these plants it was possible to reverse chronic conditions present in the patients who came to visit me.
I do have a more focused specialisation with female reproductive system conditions and overall with digestive health and well-being.

Some of the patients that came to my diets, didn't have any particular health issues, yet through entering the spirit world, they can experience a lot of inspiration and guidance for their future steps as well as the forgotten connection with their roots and Nature itself.

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