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"There is no doubt when one is aligned with their dharma, nothing has to be done. You become an embodied prayer and projection of your inner realisations and all tools become pure extension of your Heart to share with all those who cross your path"

When you take the first step towards your awakening, there is no more a returning point.

The law of expansion work so that when you show commitment towards your growth, the Universe will support that in all possible ways.

All Existence is conspiring for your greatest outcome, you only need to take yourself out of the way and walk life with deep faith.

After a long inner journey, I finally stepped into the path of leadership and that of a spiritual guide, fully aware of my gifts and the highest energy that orchestrates all my work.


When I realised the depth of my roots, diving in the shadow sea of my subconsciousness, I was able to bring to light many karmic aspects of my life.
Releasing what was holding me back, ancient ancestral wisdom started to flow through me.

With innate clairvoyance, I am simply able to see what stops mostly people from being at their best and by unlocking their potential they naturally align with their life purpose.


I use the ancient practice of shamanism inviting people to confront the hidden parts of their subconscious mind purifying it from lower frequencies, while expanding the highest consciousness beyond many conditioned limitations.

My background as a herbalist and naturopath is enabling me to use specific plant medicines as allies in the process of awakening working as well for the overall physical and mental well being, bringing balance to the wholeness of the person.


Strongly connected to earth, the elements and cycles, I use alchemical processes to recall people back to a sense of belonging and connection to the bigger picture of Life.

From the same source of mystical paganism, I masterfully design altars, rituals and ceremonies for meaningful rites of passage.

I have officiated marriages, baptisms and rituals for young adolescent women.


My life is a ritual,
an offering of gratitude for all that has been shaping my human experience

Also deeply embedded in my ancestral information, are yogic and tantric philosophies.


Nowadays I teach a more flowing and feminine approach of these ancient practices.

Movement, breath, stillness, contemplation and vital sexual energy are  strong pillars of my work.


The most ancient call that pulses in my whole being and rooted in my millennial lineage is that of accompanying women during childbirth.

I can support future parents in the intention of conscious conception and walk with them
through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Curious to know more ? Contact me here.

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I am offering mentorship for all those who are wishing to step into the next level of thriving and expressing themselves in the world.
You will have unlimited access to my 20+ years of experience on a spiritual path, that includes yogic background, shamanic healing, tantra and sacred sexuality.
I will be there for you as a loving guide supporting you to grasp, feel and integrate all the greatness and beauty that is already present within you.
This is going to be your sacred space of growth and evolution.

An intimate connection where together we can design a map so that you can find your way to what most brings joy and peace to your heart.

this is how I can support you

PLANT MEDICINE INTEGRATION - here to support you integrate and draw concrete action of transformation in your daily life after using entheogenic plant medicine
PHYSICAL CONDITIONS  - herbal and nutritional counselling for vitality and health

TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES - shamanic shadow work on abuse, separation, grief 

MENTAL WELL-BEING - depression, anxiety, lack of clarity about life's purpose

SEXUALITY - tantric philosophy, fertility, birth, couple dynamics, womb healing

what you get

  •  unlimited guidance through voice and text messages for the duration of the program

  •  weekly video call of 1 hour

  •  recorded audio energy transmissions and activations (particular frequency I transmit you depending on what are your intentions)

  • access to 1 online course

uro 777

what you get

  • 3 full days dedicated entirely to you

  • 2 weeks of integration support post the retreat

  • private shamanic ceremony and herbal treatments (details and amendments always focused on your needs and intention)

  • therapeutic sacred touch to release traumatic experiences locked in your body

  • full body energy re-calibration

  • organic meals prepared to your dietary request

  • 4 nights accommodation in a yurt surrounded by idyllic nature

  • transport from and to Lugano

uro 2'300

Only available date
3rd July - 7th July
"Your authenticity and your direct and sometimes quite confronting and triggering guidance, helped me to transform burdens into my own truthful expression. With your unconditional love, shields crumbled again and again.
The work I did with you is like art and poetry that unfolded inside my whole being, deeply imprinted and embodied. You empowered me to trust my own intuition, my essence, my nature and organic intelligence."
Irina, Switzerland
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