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Beautiful Spider Web Sparkling in the Morning Sun with the Bokeh Blur of a Field of Grass


12th - 15th September 2024

19th - 22nd September 2024

Mallorca, Spain

This short and intensive retreat gives you the possibility to step out from the conventional routine and find fresh inspiration from the vast field of new opportunities.

The entire retreat can be designed around your specific needs could be that from silent meditation to a holiday break, introspective shamanic work to dynamic embodiment practices.

If you're having a moment of confusion or trapped in a stagnant period, or you need a safe space to release emotions that you struggle to process, this retreat is exactly what you might be needing.

Om Symbol on the Beach
Breathing in the expansion and finding inspiration from a new perspective

​what is included

  • guided meditations

  • dynamic embodiment practices

  • 1 somatic touch massage

  • tobacco cleanse

  •  purifying herbal bath

  • daily personal consultation with me

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • 3  meals daily depending on your dietary request

  • transport from and to Mallorca airport

  • 1 shamanic ceremony (optional)

Sea Shore

Price and payment

 1000 €uro

1'300 €uro
with private ceremony


Payment of the total amount is required in order to book your place.

Full refund only in case of cancellation 1 month before the starting date. 

If you have any questions please contact me here

"The experience was life-changing and everybody should do it at least once a year as holistic health routine. Both Yerumael's individual healing sessions full of deep and clear insights about precise problematics to meditate and process, as her amazing energy and ability to hold a sacred space made this retreat unforgettable and deeply relieving."
Michel, Switzerland
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