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Hello lovely,
welcome on my sacred site of offerings

my story

Throughout the last 20 years on a spiritual quest, I came to an understanding that some of the most precious pearls can only be found in the deepest waters.

I spend over 15 years on a profound shamanic path and almost a decade learning from the amazonian indigenous tribes on how to navigate the shadow aspect of our psyche and its physical manifestations.

Combined with a strong tantric and yogic lineage and innate mystical abilities, I draw wisdom from my own integrated experience on how to truly transform dark into light and eventually weave these two polarities in harmony so that they can elevate our life by fully understanding the beauty of what it means to be human.

I held my first women circle 16 years ago and since then, I have facilitated hundreds of retreats and ceremonies worldwide, activating not only important healing journeys for many but also guiding some of them towards their life purpose.

My work encompasses

  • conscious conception mentorship

  • natural birth and doula support 

  • wounding and trauma around sexuality

  • embodiment of the feminine principle and tantric philosophy

  • new paradigm of relationship

  • healing with medicinal plants

  • holistic nutrition

  • shamanic journeying and Dj dance sets (Shamanic Ritual Dance)

  • trauma release through movement and breath work


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"Relying only on my inner authority and mastery, I guide people to find an unwavering connection with the divine source within, while remaining deeply in touch with their roots and human expression"  

This is my story.....
on how from working in a Swiss bank,

I remembered who I was and fully aligned with my life's purpose

I was born in Bulgaria by the Black sea but grew up in the italian part of Switzerland.

From early age I was interested in spirituality. I loved books and when I was 14, I happened to read the Bhagavad Gita.
I started to practice meditation and recite mantras and eventually had my first direct spiritual experience.

Because of my strongly independent personality I left home at 17 while still finishing my studies.


Communication and languages were my strong qualities and by the age of 22 I was already covering a marketing and PR managing role in a Swiss bank.

Two years later, I was successfully advancing in my career, living a pretty high standard life for my age, but something wasn't quite there.


I felt I was missing out parts of myself that I even didn't know at that time.

So I decided to leave my secure life behind and moved to London in 2003  to follow a dream to work in the music business that soon faded away as unexpected horizons opened in front of me.

London was the womb that gave birth to my spiritual path. I encountered decisive people who introduced me to yoga and especially to healthier food choices and from that moment there was no more a returning point.


I founded my first raw food catering company called "Living Raw Bliss".
I was also a nutrition and detox coach. Reaching a good success, I decided to sell the brand and travel to India to deepen my yoga studies.

Thanks to extraordinary synchronisation of events I began traveling for more than 15 years, visiting over 45 countries.

I started to gather a wide perspective of various cultures and traditions, exploring different pathways and spiritual schools, eager to meet what was my highest destiny.


The pathway eventually led me to the Amazon jungle in Peru', where I spent almost 10 years as an apprentice, studying with different teachers, learning traditional ways of shamanic healing.

Those years helped me tremendously to understand my true nature and definitely gave me clear insight about my life path.
It was one of the most challenging times of my life yet where I mostly healed and started to align with my soul's purpose.

Nowadays shamanism has become widely spread and often misused as an appropriation of indigenous culture.

I do have profound respect and gratitude for all the wisdom my teachers have shared with me and I received direct blessings and permission from each one of them to hold shamanic ceremonies.

I have been facilitating plant medi
cine encounters and prayer circles worldwide for the last 13 years.

As I ventured deeper and deeper into my roots, I started to reawaken the information held in my gypsy lineage and tap into ancient and mystical wisdom.

I felt a great call to assist the global awakening of women and the healing of the ancestral karmic wounds.


I began holding workshops and retreats sharing my innate intuition about the creative force of the womb and sacred sexuality.

I helped many women worldwide to heal from abuse trauma, become more connected to their cyclic nature,  be aware of the importance of honest and responsible sexuality and generally empowering them to claim a healthy female expression.


In 2018 I gave unassisted home birth to my son.
It remains the biggest initiation I had to go through.
Motherhood for me is by far the deepest journey of self- reflection and inner growth.

During pregnancy I experience how much there was still lack of
a more complete and spiritual education on birthing. I felt that once more women have lost the intuitive connection with their bodies, giving again their power away to external authorities.

Pregnancy and birth were the most beautiful moments of my life and I wish to support more women to believe in themselves
and in their capacity to birth naturally.

"To change the world, we must first change the way babies are being born" - Michel Odent

"Working with you was the trigger for a profound transformation. I never felt better, everyday is an ecstasy and I discover a deep joy for life and faith. I feel my roots strong and see how much you have helped to connect to the true Sacred Feminine within. I got into guitar, music and singing.  I lost weight and little by little I found a healthy relationship with food. It is a miraculous rebirth. You hold the sacred gift of empowering women."
Charlotte, Switzerland
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