Beloved one,
I warmly welcome you on a journey into Remembering

Recollecting ancestral traditions kept alive through the
prayers and offerings of our elders and threaded carefully and respectfully with a pioneering crystal vision of the evolution of our human race

The webs that I am lovingly spinning are deeply intertwined within the
embrace of our Mother, carrying the ancestral memory of the roots, the song of birds, the magic of plants and the harmonious dance of the elements fused together with ancient pathways
egyptian mystery schools and the tantric and yogic lineage.

I am a Pachamama Womb weaver, a plant medicine
wisdom keeper
 and ancient carrier of the matriarchal flame of the sacred fire of primordial creation.
A kundalini yoga teacher and a mystical initiate into
Arts of Sacred Sexuality
as taught in the Temples of Mother Isis.
Devotionally serving the graceful return of the Divine Feminine principle

All that is offered here has the sole intention to support you in achieving a grounded and embodied spirituality.
To birth your divine human being through a self-initiatory pathway, recalling your inner master that will lead you to unlock the innate timeless wisdom that pours from
The Original Spiral of Creation

"Yerumael Shakti Ma is a living embodiment of earth and plant wisdom, which flows
and is felt through her teachings
and music, providing a space to experience
our own inner depth and consciousness expanding us beyond our limitations."

Carolann, United States

"Through Unveling the Mysteries of the female body workshop, I discovered the real meaning of sacred feminine, the knowledge and the integration of an energy that was always present but dormant inside of me. Awakening this energy connected me with my natural essence of being a woman. An unique experience that unites women. It gave me the opportunity to heal as a woman, through the empowerment of my female energy."

Zorayda, Canary Islands

Here below are focused energy transmissions received in vision

Simply relax and allow the new light information to anchor in your system

Rosa Arcanum
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Crystal Womb


Crystal Lingam


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