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17th Oct - 20th Oct, 2024
Chalet Ganesha
, Switzerland

Imagine a space where all of you in your full totality is welcome

A space for karmic release and ancestral remembrance

A space that doesn’t promise you anything because already the expectation limits the vastness of your infinite expression

Inner rhythm between dark and light is an invitation to sense how movement, breath and stillness can help us surrender to the the ebbs and flows of life itself.

Dancing with the emotional waves we experience as deeply sensitive beings, we strive to keep that unwavering centre core within our body in presence and awareness.


We want to feel us beyond any outer authority dictating our life, respecting our own inner rhythm and innate body wisdom . This is how we create a reality based on giving priority to our deep needs and truth.

We will not only elevate the shakti kundalini power up high but finally remember the art of allowing this primal force to return the to visceral depths of the Earth.

Letting go off full control and mental processes we will let Movement and Dance guide us to a space where we allow ourselves to be spontaneous, free, playful and natural as part of the divine essence that inhabits our bodies.

Embodying fully our pleasure but also our suffering, taking responsibility about everything what arises within us, ends the cycle of giving our power away and helps us to release stagnant energy while maintaining our inner waters pristine.

We want to stay
open, fluid and soft.

Gaining trust
and saying a bold

YES to Life

We will embrace the Dark Mother within, connecting to our instinctive animal power, to our skin, our flesh, our bones, our incarnation. 

Living shamelessly our primordial emotions such as rage, fear, jealousy, sadness and repression we also experience the wildness within. 

It is the survival instinct present in the body that warns us when our sacred space is trespassed and threatened.
By accepting our inner shadow aspect we crumble the  “nice and good girl ” pattern, re-establishing firm boundaries, building the inner fortress where we can always feel safe and protected.

The acknowledgment of our unperfect, unspiritual, unacceptable, hidden and instinctive parts opens an opportunity to welcome all emotions as sacred, shedding loving light and inclusive acceptation of what it means to be human.

We want to reach true empowerment only if it reflected by the wholeness of who we are, by the full authentic all encompassing facets of our expression.

Here beloved sisters, we welcome the true meaning of deeper self-love. 

We will  also invite the Light Goddess to present herself within.
We want to witness the blooming of our unique Beauty as if we are living in eternal Spring, shining and bathing in never ending Light.  Trusting in our purity, innocence and the goodness of our heart.

Reawakening the Queen archetype in a new paradigm, we discover what it means to be a fierce leader, using our intuitive and magical powers to birth new light consciousness while leading humanity towards harmonious and respectful co-existence.


On all this journey together, we will be held by the ancient knowledge of Tantra and Shamanism.

Nothing will be possible, nothing will exist, nothing will transform without the cultivation of our inner sexual life force.

We will remember what it means to be medicine women and healers, being directly connected to the cycles of Nature, we do undoubtedly hold the wisdom of the Spirit World as well.

The realisation of our greatness as Life bearers brings naturally the gift of birthing and creating the most abundant and flourishing reality for ourselves.

By stepping into the mystery of the feminine principle, we learn to enjoy pleasure, relax without external pressure of performance, resting in deep knowing that all what we seek, seek us.

We then gently open to the power of manifesting abundance in every aspect of our life, blessing us and all those who come around.

This retreat is calling in women

  • who feel "too much"

  • who don’t feel seen 

  • that want to find their belonging and roots

  • that struggle to trust and accept their bodies 

  • who feel their potential but cannot express it 

  • that cannot put clear boundaries 

  • that have wounds around sexuality and femininity

  • that feel the call to be part of the transformation 


Breathwork * Body Awareness * Ecstatic Dance * Sacred Touch *
Voice Exploration * Yoga * Shamanic Shadow Work *
Introduction to Tantric Philosophy *
Nutrition for women's  well-being *
Blue Lotus tea ceremony* Sauna


early bird
(until 31st April 2024)
1'150 fr.

full price
1'300 fr.

  • Accommodation in shared double room
    (there is a possibility to be in a single room accommodation for a total of Fr. 1420)

  • All food from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch (vegetarian- vegan) 

  • Full refund only if cancelled 1 month prior to starting date

Temple Priestesses



As a medicine woman and a spiritual midwife, I support each person and especially women to align themselves with a deeper sense of self-love by returning to what gives us joy and pleasure.
20+ years on a spiritual quest ,

I learned and integrated many pathways of awakening and

self- realisation.
I draw my wisdom from lineages of kundalini yoga,

tantra and shamanism



" I am a multi-dimensional artist and work primarily with the body through dance, voice, touch and painting. After a long journey through the shadows, I've been holding spaces for nearly 10 years where every person that comes can live a transformation through deep expression of oneself. In this spaces,  I share the tools that allowed me to resurrect. "

"I am deeply grateful to Yerumael for giving me the opportunity to enter the depths of my being. She helped me change perspective and embrace all my shadow parts with love. Thanks to this important experience, I was able to find strength and centre to confront a difficult situation in my life."
Costanza, Italy
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