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communing with the spirit world and mother nature
contemplative and
life transforming

26th May - 4th June 2023
29th Sept. - 8th Oct. 2023
Swiss Alps

dear one !

I created a truly unique deeply spiritual and shamanic retreat that takes inspiration from my 10 years apprenticeship in the Amazon jungle studying with indigenous tribes combined together with my clairvoyant and intuitive gypsy mystical roots.

I will guide you through the most hidden landscapes of your subconscious holding you with tenderness while you unfold at your own rhythm and pace. As you open up in trust and relaxation I will support you into transforming traumatic conditionings and pain identities that keep you away from living your life in full potential.

My work is directed towards the empowerment of each person that chooses to work with me and aims to free you from limiting believes about your greatness as an unique human being. I helped hundreds of people from around to world to overcome mental and physical health problems as well as initiating others into their life purpose pathways.

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"The destiny I am serving simply brings more awareness about our intertwined connection with Nature and the infinite source of healing, guidance and evolution we can receive from the Plant Kingdom intelligence."

The group will be of maximum 7 people !

You will be able to explore an intuitive connection with the subtle and invisible world of the plant spirits and deepen your connection with Nature, find clarity about your life path destiny and inspire you to take a leap of courage into whatever your spirit is calling you.

The retreat is also aiming to support you if you are suffering from any physical, mental or emotional discomforts.

The ultimate intention of the retreat is to self-empower you and take responsibility for your own
well-being, by tuning in not only with your body but as well as listening to the quiet voice of your soul. 

A plant teacher diet is based on an ancient amazonian shamanic tradition, where in order to enter in contact with the spirit plants, you need to retreat in solitude and follow a strict food diet mainly without salt, spices, sugar and fats.

You will then intake everyday a particular plant brew that I will prescribe you according to your overall needs.

By detoxing your body while being in silent introspection, the plant spirit begins to heal
and commune with you.

Keeping the roots of this sacred modality and working towards a more sustainable way, I will offer the dieta with mainly European common plants such Rosemary, Sage, Artemisia, St.John's wort, Yarrow, Birch, Mugwort, Mint, Lemon balm, Nettles and Tobacco.

Such plants are more connected to your ancestral lineage as only two generations ago, our ancestors were still using herbs to heal
 and therefor such information is already present in your DNA and more easy to access.


If you want to know more in depth about the amazonian shamanic dieta find full information here



Price and payment

 2'222 euros
in single room accommodation with private bathroom

2'000 euro

single room accommodation

with private bathroom
(no balcony)

1'880 euros

in tripple dormitory
shared bathroom


Payment of the total amount is required in order to book your place.

Full refund only in case of cancellation 1 month before the starting date. 

​what is included

  • a personal herbal medicine prepared especially for your healing process and intention

  • daily tobacco cleanse or purifying herbal bath

  • teacher plant micro-dosing

  • daily personal consultation with me

  • 9 nights in private single accommodation with own bathroom in pristine mountain location next to the river

  • 3  vegetarian or vegan meals daily

  • 2 teacher plant shamanic ceremonies

  • tobacco purga

"The experience was life-changing and everybody should do it at least once a year as holistic health routine. Both Yerumael's individual healing sessions full of deep and clear insights about precise problematics to meditate and process, as her amazing energy and ability to hold a sacred space made this retreat unforgettable and deeply relieving."
Michel, Switzerland
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