Herb Plants

communing with the spirit world and mother nature


Held in the italian swiss Alps

6th - 16th May 2022
21st - 30th May 2022
3rd June - 13th June 2022

what you will learn

  • how to prepare first hand your herbal medicines

  • how to prepare your herbal purification baths

  • how to use tobacco for prayer and protection

  • how to tune to the invisible world and work with your dreams

  • how to develop your intuition

what is included

  • a personal herbal medicine prepared according to your needs

  • daily tobacco or herbal bath cleansing

  • 1 sauna

  • personal consultations with Shakti Ma'

  • single accommodation in private yurt by the river 

  • 3 healthy vegetarian meals daily

  • one to one teacher plant ceremony

This unique opportunity invites you to explore an intuitive connection with the subtle and invisible world of the plant spirits and is suited for everyone who would like to deepen their connection with Nature, find clarity about their life path destiny and inspire you to take a leap of courage into whatever your spirit is calling you.

The retreat is also aiming to support the healing of the participants who suffer from any physical, mental or emotional discomforts.

The ultimate intention of the retreat is to self-empower you and take responsibility for your own
well-being, by tuning in not only with your body but as well as listening to the quiet voice of your soul. 

A plant teacher diet is based on an ancient amazonian shamanic tradition, where in order to enter in contact with the spirit plants, you need to retreat in solitude and follow a strict food diet mainly without salt, spices, sugar and fats.

You will then intake everyday a particular plant brew that has been prescribed by the shaman according to your overall needs.

By detoxing your body while being in silent introspection, the plant spirit begins to heal
and commune with you.

Keeping the roots of this sacred modality and working towards a more sustainable way, we will offer the dieta with mainly European common plants such Rosemary, Sage, Artemisia,
St.John's wort, Yarrow, Birch, Mugwort, Mint, Lemon balm, Nettles and Tobacco.

Such plants are more connected to your ancestral lineage as probably even your grandparents were using them for healing, and therefor such information is already present in your DNA and more easy to access.


If you want to know more in depth about the amazonian shamanic dieta find full information here


Price and payment

1600 € yurt accommodation
1400€ bell tent accommodation

Non refundable deposit of 50% of the total sum is required in order to book your place.
The remaining 50% has to be paid 10 days prior the starting date of the retreat.

Click below on the date you wish to participate in order to book your place. If you don't have a paypal account get in touch to request details for a bank transaction

Fern leaf

Stepping into the process of the plant diet with Shakti Ma, hodling the space with so much sweetness and care, I onlu wish that everyone who feels the call can have this experience. I higly appreciate the expert advices, focus and autenticity she brings into her work yuet carried with so much lightenss and natural flow of life. I am deeply graful for all the wuppord I receied form her

Franziska, Germany

A few words to tell you how much the diet experience with you was the trigger for a profound transformation. The more time goes by the more I measure the depth of it. I never felt better, everyday is an ecstasy and I discover a deep joy for life and faith that fascinates me. I feel my roots strong and see how much you have helped to connect to the true Sacred Feminine within. I got into guitar, music and singing. I embrace Nature with all my senses. I lost weight and little by little I found a healthy relationship with food. It is a miraculous rebirth. I have the impression that you have sown a seed, in me which does not stop to bloom and grow everyday. You really have this sacred gift of empowering women.

Charlotte, Switzerland

Yerumael Shakti Ma is a living embodiment of earth and plant wisdom, which flows and is felt through her teachings and music, providing a space to experience our own inner depth and consciousness, expanding us beyond our limitations

Carolanne, United States

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