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Spring Equinox
Total Detox

Only 2 spots available

8th March - 17th March 2024
Mallorca, Spain

There is absolute certainty that we attract what we vibrate

Our body is the ultimate manifestation antenna and the more vibrant and radiant it is the more we welcome highest vibration realities.
When the body releases stagnant and accumulated energy, it makes space for new inputs to flow into your life

Drinking green juices is like intaking liquid sun light that deeply heals you on a cellular level

From my personal experience this one of the most amazing spiritual experiences you could have.
The clarity that comes as the days pass on can bring incredible breakthroughs on one's path

Stuck memories from the past surface as the body gets rid off the old and many layers of trauma can be integrated and released as toxicity leaves your physical, mental and emotional bodies

Often the time following this particular detoxification retreats, becomes full of new opportunities and great changes can occur

You will drink daily an average 2-3 litres of freshly cold pressed juices together with herbal infusions and supplements that will speed up the detoxification process.

Special attention will be given to cleanse the intestines by releasing the mucoid plaque with high quality products from ZenCleanz company

10 days of juicing can 
- reset metabolism
- enhance the immune system
- alkalise your body
- clear addictive patterns
- restore energy levels
- improve digestive health

Fresh Green Juice
Leaf Close Up

Price and payment
2'300 CHF (swiss francs)

what is included
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • all juices, supplements, herbal infusions
  • access to my 20+ knowledge about supplements, wholistic nutrition, access to high quality products
  • daily meditations 
  • embodiment practices
  • 1 massage
  • daily consultation and integration
  • 1 week post retreat integration support
  • transport from and to Mallorca airport

Payment of the total amount is required in order to book your place.

Full refund only in case of cancellation 1 month before the starting date. 

If you have any questions please contact me here

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