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wiccan altar with candle, flowers, oak and fern leaves on dark abstract background. Witchc

free online masterclass


remembering what it means to be guardians

of the sacred

Origins, principles, alignment, design and care 

Building an altar is truly an art.
Creating one in your home or anywhere else has a profound meaning and I would like to walk you through the origins of altars and share my experience on how to build a potent altar that reflects fully your prayers and intentions.



• how altars were born

• basic principles that you might want to implement

• intention, creation and design

• activation and care

• dismantling and closing an altar

Wiccan altar for Imbolc sabbath. winter-spring pagan festive ritual. Brigid's cross, milk,

I am sure this masterclass will open a wider understanding of the importance of holding the sacred space of an altar.

This is going to be also a direct activation towards awakening your ancestral memory, connecting and honouring the cycles of nature.

If you are called to be an altar guardian, you need to expand your vision, including all of Life in your prayer.

Holding an altar in this current times, means to be a light beacon, a bridge for the transformation our planet Earth is undergoing.


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Hi there,
I am Yerumael and the one that will guide you on this journey.

I have been on a profound spiritual path for over 20 years and travelled across many countries and cultures that expanded my vision and understanding of the invisible and extraordinary forces that rule Life.

Finally I found the inner source from where I draw all the wisdom that I share with all those who cross my path. 
All that I offer comes from a embodied and integrated inner realisations. I offer my life's path as an inspiration, creating a unified connection between our hearts.

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