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My Passion, My Destiny

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

After 20 months of fully serving and breastfeeding my toddler, I am needing some time off from just being a mother. At early stages of motherhood it was impossible for me to imagine a moment without my son but as fellow mamas have told me, there is a moment in time where if you feel again the call to re-become an individual that cultivates its own passions.

That time has come and the long awaited new cycle of creativity is bursting within. A much needed time to express myself beyond being a mother and remember who am I, with a deeper and richer twist of my identity.

This year has been a year of growing roots. Returning to the place where I grew up, living only short distance away from my family after almost 17 years of being away.

Days with a toddler pass pretty much the same and for years I was longing for a stable and routine life that now I am learning to embrace.

Honestly my feet are always itchy for some adventures and often boring routine smashes down my nomadic wild spirit but I can see the gifts of stability and one of them is planting my medicinal herbal garden.

Another special event for me was to witness the seasons, from winter to spring and summer. I haven't been in this cycle for very long time as I always liked to define myself a tropical bird and spend winter months somewhere warm. Well, I must say I really enjoyed the passages of climates and the burst of life during Spring was just an epic show off of Creation.

The beauty of blossoms and flower fragrances inspired me so much into crafting natural agua floridas and as the plants in my garden were growing, so was my renewed passion for herbal wisdom.

When I dig my fingers in the earth or go to collect the herbs and do everything that connects me with crafting medicines, I feel so in tune with who I am . I feel a genuine childlike joy and I could spend hours drying, chopping, blending, infusing, labelling, ordering the shelf, washing jars, filling them up, decanting, squeezing, smelling and so on.

As a single mother it is difficult to find time to nurture myself. I try to do my best but usually lack of time and physical tiredness often overtake me so what I could finish in few hours could take me few days.

I found though that nurturing doesn't only come in a form of having a hot bath or other personal rituals. I felt that each time I was touching the earth and the plants, it was like a caress from Mother Earth. She was actually taking care of me while I was taking care of her.

A magical symbiosis where I understood even more the meaning of being connected to the land, my ancestors and my female essence.

I was communing with the devas of the plants and establishing real relationship with them. I felt their loving spirits eager to connect with me by allowing me to sense their properties, benefits and ethereal magic. My heart is expanding when doing what I love, even just by writing these words, I feel so open and meanwhile so protected from the Greater Mother of all. I rediscover a new way of nurturing in following what most makes me passionate. What makes me feel connected to a greater force and what makes me of service to others.

Finding your call, your highest destiny is where your heart beat pulses together with pulse of the Earth and the Universe. I do believe we all came here to share our magical unique gifts of be-ing. Often in ceremonial circles, people will bring intentions to find out what is their path and purpose of life.

I will say, is that what you most enjoy doing!! You just need to strip off conditioning and society expectations. Sometimes what you most love doing is buried in your childhood memories.

Sometimes it has been repressed by parents or school indoctrination.

You only need a pinch of courage to launch yourself in the unknown field of infinite possibilities ;)

My passion for herbs started actually together with changing my diet to raw food something like 17 years ago in London. Imagine that, I began collecting lavender from the english city gardens and sewing little sleeping pillows. Then a friend offered me a job as a gardener in a London kindergarten....and so the path took its shape.

So dear friends, tonight before falling asleep, remember what makes you curious, what you will usually learn efortlessly, what makes you forget time, what you perceive playful, what makes you dream and just go for it.

Study a way to make your passion also your income for living. Believe that there are people out there waiting just for you!! Life is a precious gift, so be happy.

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