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Yarrow is long renowned herb for being one of the best healer for wounds, together with purifying the blood and helping to establish stronger boundaries for empaths and sensitive people.

It is not by chance that I choose this ally to assist us through the release of our womb wounds.
Using intentionally the portal of Samhain, we are praying to release our ancestors and ourselves from the suffering caused by the repression of our female nature.
 To find out more about the magical and healing benefits of Yarrow and to feel into the call of this Spirit Plant click here.

This uniquely designed online journey, takes its roots from an ancient amazonian tradition called "dieta" yet has been adjusted to suit our western lifestyles.

During the 7 days you will establish a connection with the spirit of the plant, while also healing yourself with the numerous benefits of yarrow and learning basic knowledge of how to initiate your inner healer.

I have created a strong intention behind this course by addressing particularly the ancestral wounds of the womb descending from our maternal lineage.

Even if you haven't personally experienced sexual abuse, abortion, traumatic birth, guilt and shame around sexuality, repression of sexual energy or anything that is connected with negating the thriving of the feminine self, I can assure you that someone from your maternal lineage has and consequently passed down the line some of these imprints directly in your womb space.

By bringing consciousness around certain topics, we do free and release all our female ancestral line from the blockages situated in our second chakra nevertheless restoring also our own womb health, could be that physically or energetically.

A flourishing womb it is not only connected with reproduction, fertility and sexuality.
Sense of unworthiness, lack of self esteem, difficulties to love and care about oneself, depression, unability to express emotionally, our relationship with money, blockage with creative energy, numbness, dishonesty, addictions and co-dependency are just some other traits related to the womb and generally to the second chakra.

At some point of our life's path we do have to face the ancestral wounding if we wish to transform, evolve and rewrite our personal and collective history.

During this 7 days you will experience

 invoking the spirit of the plant

preparing your own medicinal infusions

learn to massage and restore the chi energy of your womb

the use of yoni eggs

how to use castor oil packs

how to prepare your herbal and flower baths

yoni steam

what herbs are good for general female well being

in the price is also included:

- 2 community zooms to open and close the dieta

- 1 personal 15 min. zoom with me

once you subscribe, you will also receive your plant gift package containing

  10ml bottle yarrow flower essence
and 50ml yarrow and mugwort womb oil

I am so eager to support you into reclaiming your rights as a medicine woman.

As the healing begins, so does the great ancient wisdom of the ancestors becoming alive.
A wisdom that reminds us of how to live in synergy with all existence.


Restoring the harmony within this very own body, means restoring harmony on planet Earth



Feel most welcome to drop me a message if you wish to know more 

NOTE: This course is NOT suitable for pregnant women, women who had a recent miscarriage or abortion, those having a diagnosed medical condition and or take regularly drug prescriptions.

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