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free online event

Messages to Humanity
from the Teacher Plants

25th April - 11am CET

live and recorded

As we are collectively undergoing through shifting old paradigms and entering new dimensions, the Earth's intelligence and plants are holding a message for us

This a live event and if you cannot be present, a replay will be send to your email

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Hi there,
I am Yerumael and the one that will guide you on this journey.

I have been on a profound spiritual path for over 20 years and travelled across many countries and cultures that expanded my vision and understanding of the invisible and extraordinary forces that rule Life.

Finally I found the inner source from where I draw all the wisdom that I share with all those who cross my path. 
All that I offer comes from a embodied and integrated inner realisations. I offer my life's path as an inspiration, creating a unified connection between our hearts.

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