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My life is a ritual,
an offering of gratitude for all what has been
shaping my human experience

I am here to support you into crafting together magical rituals and ceremonies, offerings and symbolical acts of anything that you feel is time to celebrate, let go, remember, transform and initiate yourself into.

If you are interested in participating in my next ceremonies, please check the event page or if you wish to organize a private ceremonial event with teacher plants, sacred fire and any other kind of blessings and prayer, get in touch.

Drop me a message and we can co-create a unique and memorable way to sign the meaningful moments of your extraordinary life.

I love absolutely everything that is connected with crafting ceremonial rituals.

Consecrating the space, preparing an altar, calling upon the right energies, offerings to Mother Earth, it seems like the most reasonable way to give thanks for whatever meaningful moments shaped us into the who we are.

There are several rites of passages during one's lifetime, such as the birth of a child, sacred unions or marriages, first menarche of a girl, the passing away of a dear one, divorcing or breaking vows of union, abortion or miscarriage, moving to a new house or relocating for a new begining.
You can name as many more as you want. Anything that felt special, challenging and empowering is a corner stone of yet of another inner growth.

In our society we have forgotten to celebrate and initiate ourselves through these rings of transformational fire. 
Not only in our personal lives, but also in connection with the natural cycles of the sun/moon and the seasons.

As we put our intentions with the power of prayer, much healing and transformation can occur.
A psycho magical act to symbolize the internal and external change that brought us to a new level of understanding ourselves and acceptance of the non permanent nature of all things.

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