I believe in a non verbal self authority initiations, supporting  women to unlock the infinite creative power of the womb and to recollect the ancient memory of ancestral knowledge embedded in the DNA through energy transmissions, light codes activation and unveiling the mysteries of the female body.

I would love to share with you my spiral path story....where from working in a swiss bank, I decided to reclaim
my gypsy mystical roots and fully align with my life's purpose.

I was born in Bulgaria by the Black sea but grew up in the italian part of Switzerland.

By the age of 24, I was successfully advancing in my marketing career, living a pretty high standard life for my age
.....but something wasn't quite there.

I felt I was missing out parts of myself that I even didn't know at that time.
So I decided to leave my secure life behind and moved to London to follow a dream to work in the music business that soon faded away as unexpected horizons opened in front of me.

I encountered decisive people who introduced me to yoga classes and especially to healthier food choices and from that moment there was no more a returning point.

Thanks to extraordinary synchronisation of events I began travelling not knowing yet that this will be my way
of living for the next 15 years, visiting over 40 countries.
I started to gather a wide perspective of various cultures and traditions, exploring different pathways and spiritual schools, eager to meet what was my highest destiny.


One day while working as a raw food chef in London, I came across Ayahuasca and from my first encounter with this plant spirit, I entered a strong initiation reclaiming my long forgotten birthright as a medicine woman and spiritual midwife.

The pathway eventually led me to the Amazon jungle in Peru', where I spent almost a decade as an apprentice, studying with different tribes, learning traditional ways of shamanic healing.

I received direct blessings from my various teachers to hold shamanic ceremonies and I have been facilitating sacred medicine encounters and prayer circles worldwide for the last 12 years.

As I ventured deeper and deeper into my roots I start to tap in the gnostic teachings of the holy order of Mary Magdalene, the fountain of Sophia: the female Chirsted path of wisdom as well as receiving initiations streaming from the Sacred Temple Arts of Mother Isis.

I felt a great call to assist the global awakening of women and the healing of the ancestral wounds of the womb.

I began holding workshops and retreats sharing my innate intuition about the sacred union between woman and man in a new paradigm of relating and the much needed knowledge about menstrual cycles, fertility, rites of passage, journeying into motherhood and the creative power that lies within an activated womb as  well as the importance of healthy, honest and responsible sexuality.

I am also a kundalini yoga teacher, doula, moon mother and a naturopath nutritionist.

Currently I live in Switzerland but my heart is beating for a magical atlantean island called La Palma situated in the Canary Islands, where my next vision is to open a centre where I can hold various retreats and workshops combining shamanic healing (traditional plant diets), herbal wisdom apprenticeships, detox, fasting, juicing programs and high vibrational nutrition, immaculate sexuality education for women and couples, supportive sacred space for single mothers, red tents, silent introspection and yoga retreats.

If you wish to know more and/or donate for the manifestation of DharmaLuz Retreat Center,

I serve in the name of the absolute descend of  Spirit penetrating
All That Is,
Embracing fully the integration of the divine essence within our human body, I guide you towards a realization of our unquestionable interrelation with all Existence and its Natural Cycles