I am offering online mentorship with personalized programs, that can range from diet adjustments, natural herbal consultations for overall well being of the repoductive system, yoni egg practice, energy transmissions and general education about self care, sexuality and honouring our female essence

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All in life is cyclic, the moon and the sun, the day and night, spring and fall, the ebbs and flows.

Life inhales and exhales


The awakening of the feminine principles is about honouring cycles, honouring this Mother Earth, honouring this sacred body.


One on every 3 women in the world have been in some way or another abused or harassed.

Contemplating the deeper meaning of this matter, 1/3 of the female population on this planet carry deep wounds on their emotional bodies


This basic condition creates a reality for women to be profoundly disconnected from their universal centre of creation, spring of life, source of dreams into manifestation, from their roots and connection with Mother Earth and hence the connection with the rhythms of Nature, the universal laws as well as her innate intuition and wisdom as a preserver of life.


To re-awaken the mysteries of the Great Womb within is an unavoidable gate of initiation,

a necessary rite of passage to help elevate not only female consciousness, but that of whole humanity.

Personally I believe that the first step to be taken on the path of re-awakening your womb wisdom, is to acknowledge your cyclic nature and especially connect with the 4 archetypes linked to the moon phases.
There is still a great taboo about bleeding and great amount of the female population is still seeing menstruation as something to hide, avoid, be ashamed off or even reject.

The media keep showing us advertisings of even more invisible menstrual pads and even more comfortable tampons so women can continue to be “her usual self” even during “that time of the month”.

During menstruation our relation with Mother Earth becomes very strong. There is a call for women to unwind and rest, giving space to introspection, while we journey in the mysteries of life and death, listening to that inner wise voice that is telling us ancestral stories or even guiding us through our next steps. We literally become directly connected with the Womb of the Earth as well as with all women's womb. How powerful is that!

A lot of menstrual problems, hormonal inbalances, pms, fertility issues, irregular periods and painful sexual intercourses are just a sign of needing to address the relationship with your moon cycle, your femininity and how you feel about it. Often in my work I observe that we do carry the ancestral wounds of our maternal lineage, needing to literally reprogram old cellular memory. Victimhood, repression of emotional states, being a "good girl", disempowered speech, lack of self-love, sacrificing for the sake of the family, not being worth and sexual submissivness are just few of the karmic patterns passed down the line.


The journey to a fully activated womb takes a lot of honest commitment to face our uttermost inner emotional landscapes, unresolved relationships and the courage to dive in full trust into the infinity and mystery of the Great Womb that pulses within each woman.
Combined with the longing of your pure heart be ready to reclaim your long forgotten creative power

It is time to Birth the New Way of the Human Seed