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Unveiling the Mysteries
of the female body
(temple initiation)

new date in 2024

held in english and french

Welcome dear sister,

During this residential retreat, we will imbue, bless and heal our female bodies through the sacred touch of the divine Mother and the mystical Lover.

Reclaiming our part taking of the ancient lineage of the Rose, Mary Magdalene and the global rise of a healthy and vibrant female expression.

We will remember the values of a true sisterhood circle, moving gracefully in Her Temple, holding sacred ceremonies and rituals, learning about the ethic codes of conduct and the vows taken as an initiate of the High Priestess temple

We will celebrate and honour our life giving bodies, freeing our voice expression and sensual essence.

Unfolding at our own rhythm there is an invitation to feel into the primordial wounds of abandonment, betrayal and rejection, by allowing the veils of numbness to lift held in a womb like warm nurturing space.

Not only our bodies but our entire nervous system will be replenished and rewired so that we can trust Life again.

Experience the soulful longing to unite with the Beloved as we perform the sacred marriage of your Shiva and Shakti principles within.

Awaken the innate wisdom of the womb and your birth right to pleasure and ecstasy.

Price and payment

Fr. 950


3 nights accommodation in the main temple space

- all vegetarian/vegan meals

available single and double rooms for an extra payment
Please get in touch for more info here



Your Temple guides



As a medicine woman and a spiritual midwife, I support each person and especially women to align themselves with a deeper sense of self-love by returning to what gives us joy and pleasure.
20+ years on a spiritual quest ,

I learned and integrated many pathways of awakening and

self- realisation.
I draw my wisdom from lineages of kundalini yoga,

tantra and shamanism

charlotte rose.jpg


" I am a multi-dimensional artist and work primarily with the body through dance, voice, touch and painting. After a long journey through the shadows, I've been holding spaces for nearly 10 years where every person that comes can live a transformation through deep expression of oneself. In this spaces,  I share the tools that allowed me to resurrect. "

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