What I most love from my service, is to be able to offer one to one focused intent with each person that I meet on my journey.
It makes the interaction incredibly valuable, balanced and the exchange created between us enriches our human experience beyond words

The story of each one  is unique, deserving a unique approach to recognize the astonishing soul pilgrimage we all share on this Mothership

I will be honored to offer any support and share some steps along the Spiral path with You


Drop me a message if you feel moved or inspired to share
your story

Image by Lisa Hobbs

Herbal medicines for well being

Collection of Herbs

Learn to craft your medicines

Healthy Morning

Nutritional support in transitioning diets, juicing, detox and fasting

pedrito flower.jpg

Preparation and safe integration after ceremonial work with teacher plants

Do you think Yeshua was drinking the men

Conception, pregnancy and birth

violet spiral.jpg

Guiding and aligning any traumatic drug experiences

fertility goddess.jpg

Fertility issues, menstrual cycle, emotional traumas and wounds around sexuality


Immaculate sexuality education

One to One Video Call

30 minutes - 40 euros

1 hour - 70 euros