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Offering counseling programs for individuals
and couples, to navigate through this pioneering times
of relating to each other in the most divine way.
Unfolding the path while walking together in the uknown mysteries of the Heart

Immaculate Sexuality is about finding purity, innocence and a sense of
renewed virginity in our sexual expression

Sacred Union - where it Begins !

I like to talk about healthy relationships, or honouring connections, or heart based communions.
A connection like this has its basic start in the Original Source of all Creation!

When we meet a person we would like to enter a path of sacred union with, both individuals have to have a strong divine connection with the Source. Their crown chakras have to be vibrant and connected to the universal flow of love.
Both have to be deeply involved and infused with the Greater meaning of Love and feel actively this energy being an important part of their daily lives.

They have to recognize each other first of all like equal souls on a journey, acknowledging the divine and holy vibration pulsing inside.The more I meditate upon the new paradigm of man-woman connection and the descend of the female Christ consciousness, the more I understand the levels of purity and innocence we need to first achieve in all our bodies, can be that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
A necessary baptism of our being is needed in order to wash away the burden of wounded sexuality and millennia of religious and patriarchal programming.
Immaculate sexuality is the most direct embodiment of our absolute divinity.

When we open to the greater sensory experience of our bodies, through the 5 senses and the 4 elements, all will become a never ending love making with Existence, within and without.
Can we see the Beloved in All and Everywhere ? That is for me Tantra!


Take your time beloved friends. Long to experience love pouring from above, long to feel the Universe within you. Explore your beingness, explore the forgotten corners of your manifestation. Wash your senses in the greatest ocean of love and pray, pray Beloved One, with all your essence, with all of your strength to be engulfed and annihilated by the purity of your Sacred Heart.

May the Holy Spirit become an omnipresence in each
 communion on this Earth.

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